The essentials of a good haircut and style

Our experienced stylists understand how the shape of your face, the balance between features (nose, mouth, ears and forehead) and the texture of your hair can produce different results. So, after discussing your wishes, they can advise on a haircut and style that would complement and enhance – whilst also giving you the “look” you want..

We use scissors cut, texture and volumise – not only changing the outline of your hairstyle, but also changing:

Your hair stylist will be using some or all of these cutting & styling techniques on different parts of your head, as the texture, direction of growth and volume is likely to vary between your fringe, crown, nape and sides.

The latest fashions in haircuts and styles

The last decade has seen a move away from a universal, fashionable hairstyle. Hair style trends are now a lot more diverse and suitable, meaning there is always a hair style to suit your face and hair.

Blunt cut fringes have been a trend for the last few years but the winter will see a move towards side-swipe fringes that work so well with the hair-ups and party clothes we will all be wearing over the party season.

Film star glamour is a very strong theme for the coming winter with 40's and 50's hair styles appearing on catwalks and photo-shoots.

Choosing a cut and hair style that suits you

Thankfully, gone are the days when everyone wore the latest hair style. Not only were some of these “hair fashions” of dubious merit, (bubble perms & feather cuts) but they took no account of your personal style.

Our desire for individuality and better awareness of “style”, lets us all choose a hair style that is both current and suitable.

Many of our body and facial features require a careful choice of hair style and good advice from your hair stylist:

Hair Colour

If you are looking for hair colour expertise, enthusiasm and experience – then our salon has few equals.

Our own specialist colour technicians are confident and informative on every area of hair colouring.

Hair Colour is a very personal service, so at The Village we train our staff to the highest skill level, and then together we discuss the colour and techniques that will most suit your personal style.

Hair colouring is popular for all ages groups, from teenagers sporting crazy coloured streaks, to adults recapturing their sun-kissed highlights of youth, or simply erasing a few years by covering  some unwelcome grey.

Haircuts and hair styles for men

Too many men fall into the trap of a barber shop “short back and sides” with little style and no individuality. .

But men’s hair styles have evolved over the last 10 years allowing more freedom of expression and hair styles to suit any lifestyle.

Most men no longer want a basic cut all-over and instead want textures to add interest , colour for depth and shine, straighteners for a slick tailored look, or to achieve a 50s quiff that is so popular now.

Classically groomed is one of the more popular looks for men of the last year. Think Brad Pitt or Matt Damon – cut with precision, but not too short.

The Village Hair Salon are experts in men’s haircuts and styles from fashion colour to hair sculpting, so if you want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed,  we are your kind of gents hair salon

Introducing the Balayage Technique

This season we are still seeing all the celebs sporting “Bronde” hair dos.

This is the perfect balance between brown and blonde and is a colour that suits all age ranges.

It is more flattering to those with medium to dark skin tone and is a much better option than the previous trend for overly dark hair.

This look compliments the skin tone and gives a natural sun kissed look whilst maintaining shine and depth in the darker areas.

This look is achieved by using Balayage highlighting techniques and mixing it with a touch of Ombre colour.

This technique replaces the foil highlight and makes the hair lighter only in the areas which would ordinarily be tinted by the sunlight.

It means that it grows out much more naturally and is therefore less maintenance.

It is a less uniform look and this technique can be used with other colours (reds/browns)

It is derived from the French word for sweep and that is exactly what it is.

Sweeps of colour hand painted through your hair

So if you fancy achieving the current red carpet colour ask for a stylist who can apply Balayage highlights and get the look.